How do you see it

There is a opportunity for God to work in every hurdle you face in life .the only thing being how do you see it !!

Learning to believe in it all happens for good and shall continue to be so is not easy .but ,living with the notion that there is nothing good kept for you in store is equally toxic.

Sometime things dont work in the time frame you have set for them.many times even the rains change their time of arrival irrespective of the expectation of farmers..!!!!

It matters how you see it becoz the attitude you hold towards a situation will decide what the final outcome will be once the waiting time finishes.its either a happy you enjoying the fruit of your consistent optimism ..or a complaining you ,even though things turned out to be what you wished for.,because you couldnt hold back your anxious self from being a die hard pessimist all the time.

It matters how you see it .a drive through or a blocked road !!!!

Kp shining

The enlightened me

I closed my eyes and whispered my prayers ,everyone in the room cried louder and louder as if their moanings were a result of deep pain ..i tried hard to cry ,but couldnt !!!! I was feeling as if a i was a poorly annointed ,emotionless person struggling hard to fit in the deeply prayerful people

Suddenly the worship session ended and everyone started to give a testimony of how they felt the presence of God.i stood there smiling clueless about what to say ..i dint feel anything at all .i decided i would frame the most beautiful testimony today in front of the gathered prayerful people ..!!!!!! I stepped up and started to frame my false testimony in beautiful crafty words ,everyone was amazed and i got a huge round of applause too .i stepped down puffed wid pride and feeling of being the most pious person on this earth .

That day was a special day i made many friends in the gathering they thought i was special to have experienced such a powerful annointing from God .I thoroughly enjoyed the importance and praise

I reached my appartment shared the crafty story again .and felt like a king .it was almost midnight and i decided to pray and sleep ..suddenly the pages of a book kept on my desk started flipping .i just went to close it and my eyes  got struck on the lines written in bold .it .said

truth seeks no appreciation and a lie shall never have enough of it ..

I felt guilty suffocated , and shameful ,i sat down to pray alone where nobody could see no one could hear . !!! Suddenly tears started to flow they were innumerable and flowing without effort and pretence ..i felt as if i was set free from the burden of being acknowledged as a spiritual maestro ..i had an encounter of a lifetime

The enlightened me#

Make a difference

Life is a gift bestowed upon us by God ..,i wonder what God must be thinking when he thought of making life come into existence 

..surely God doesnt make mistakes ..and his Gudness can not be denied,so maybe God had a plan greator than the perception of our mind …he breathed life into us to bless us ….to inculcate the goodness of his being into us …,…

So then ,What have we been interpretting about our lives all this long?…i have heard people say is a journey where we perform duties n they leave for the eternal union..some say life is a curse its a struggle …oh its so hard …etc …and the interpretion goes on …

I want to encourage you dear friends that life s an oppurtunity filled of his grace ..given to you to live as a blessing to your own self and to others…

Dont be judgemental of your own self degrading ,the value of this ultimate gift of life given to you ,stop analysing your worth of being alive through the mortal eyes of people .rise above the ground formed by the foundation of regret ,self pity guilt ,immorality ,deciet untruthfulness,selfishness,greed.,fear,pessimism.depeession, and low self esteem 

Look at life through the eyes of the giver of life ..Almighty God .

For the worth of ur being alive lies in the understanding of value life holds for you …

  1. So friends hereby i urge you to “Make a difference ” in your own life and life of others ….
  2. Dont degrade yourself 
  3. Dont underestimate the value you hold in this world ..coz there is no other you 
  4. Dont compare will give you what you can handle best
  5. Dont deny your feelings ..they are the best part of your creation
  6. Live a life of courage ..fearl just brings down the possibility of getting what has been kept for you
  7. Be kind and motivating ..whatever you are giving out the world .will ultimately come back to you 
  8. Dream big …you are born to achieve to accomplish ..nothing can stop you except from your own self to attain what you decide to have in your life
  9. Be hopeful .without hope ..everything else lays life less ..hope gives you a reason to move on everyday in the realm of difficulties that sharpen you
  10. Be thoughtful of others …you are designed to be a blessing ..unless you are considerate for others …you shall not come in consideration of God

  • Make a difference friends …in this world because you are just not born to live and die…life has been given to you to be a part of bigger plan be a part of things that matter

Kp shining

Be hopeful in despair

  1. How many of us have been through this ,when we lost the most precious thing of our lives .sometimes the most loved ones..parents .,baby ,brother sister friend  the love of our life any one close to our heart …and sometimes job .money our reputation …our faith .trust ,our willingness to move on…
  2. There is no exception to people who suffer loss in their life from being an ordinary person to big rich people …once we go through this deep pain of losing sumthng ..believe .,me we come out with lot of transformation …
  3. The pain of loss in your life shall bring forth a new you …sometimes battling with God to get back what you lost and sometimes the fighter you swimming against the tides of gloominess to become an overcomer
  4. Friends i just want to motivate you …i may not be able to interpret the consequences of loss you suffered ,the pain that gripped your heart …the memories that never faded away ..instead visited you everyday ….the tears that seem to flow effortlessly…,the lonliness dat conquered your joyous self …but still hold on ..dont let go your hope …hope ..its the only thing that will anchor you to the fullfillment of your dreams ..hope is only way to earn back your lost faith …it will bestow you with courage and belief that you have lost..
  5. Its difficult to sail through turbid waters of pain without being anchored to the strings of hope ….
  6. Dont be discouraged dont loose hope ..dont think what you lost will put a full stop to what has to come …becoz my dear friend let me tell you something greator is on the way …the loss you suffered had a purpose or maybe this was ordained to happen ..but now as the pages will flip to the next level of story ..there is abundance of joy ..there is something you will understand had to be build on the strong base of pain ..the extreme of it
  7. The time shall not remain same …if this is a time of despair a time to celebrate shall come hold on to hope n revive your faith attain what your destined for 
  8. God shall  sail you through this time to bring forth the season of abundance of joy and happiness you lost …
  9. Loss may be irrepairable but trust me friends …its not fatal ..hold on hope steer your life to see what you wil have in the latter half of the story of life 
  10. Keep shining


Behold for everything dat has been destroyed shall come to life 

Behold for ever plan of the evil shall fall apart and the light of almighty shall shine bright

Behold for all old things shall be renewed to new ones

Behold for God shall bless you multifold for the losses in past

Behold for your long standing prayers are coming to pass

Behold your tears are turning to smiles

Behold there will be new you for this is the time of God almights renewel of the old things

Be hopeful

Kp shining

Power in words

Believe me , tongue has great powers …what you speak about your life becomes a prophesy dat will surely come into exisistance.

No matter what goes wrong in your life .pronouncing curse and words full of pessimism can have some aerious consequenses.

A simple line $: i am a blessing and shall be blessed all through my life would do wonders..;how many times it has been with you dat things go wrong in ur life ,sumtimes even unplanned.happenings and you end up using words of curse n pessimism…

“I am gud for nothing”

I dont think so i will ever come out of it:”

 I am a loser

I cant do this its beyond my calibre

I am doubtful of my abilities

I can not face this situation

I can not overcome this

I would surely fail 

I am less blessed tha others 

Its hard for a person like me

Friends let me tell you these words hold no power if you stop filling them in your mind wid repeatitive proclamation of your tongue …

Dont proclaim filth and depressive thoughts  ,dont convey it to your mind and let your soul believe in it

Let this year be a year of motivation

A year of self appraisal

A year of knowing ur inner bold self

Let this year be a year of taming your tongue to say what builds you up to be a better person .inststead of making you more prone to becoming a helpless doomed human

Fill yourself wid the power of positive words prohesy to your own life and to the life of others …believe me whtever has been denied to you and whtever you never expected yo happen shall come to you

Keep shining

HAppy new year

A new calender…new date..and a new diary

The first page of diary was ready to scribble some words on it.,i wrote patient name …procedure performed ….balance amount 1000rs ..including last years unpaid bill

My diary awaiting new enteries got filled up wid patients wid balance still unpaid 

I jus looked wid a dissapointed face towards the calender year .new date…new start …and here am i still waiting to be paid the balance amount of last year..


Kp shining


I am siting on a bench …have been waiting for long now …there is no reply from his side …

He comes out of his appartment wid his newly wedded wife …i was tired of waiting .;dint ask him anything jus signed on the divorce paper. And left.